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Big companies are complex structures, think of it like a system of interconnected services

In order to move forward and grow a sustainable business you need to know what are those problems that needed to be solved first

But in the clutter of instruments, meetings “and other stuff” significant problems remain unseen

Discover tasks Empower collaboration See the flow Change for the clearer vision See the big picture Change perspective. See the company goals
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Seeing is believing

With Kaiten’s visibility approach it takes up to 14 days
to start seeing a real picture  of whole business'
Kaiten provides great support for those who are looking
for professional Kanban instrument

Flexible boards

Process creation on the fly

Kaiten Summary Board helps decompose tasks and create different flows (business, technical, etc.)

Board settings on the go

You can link tasks together — divide big tasks or just telling what tasks are related

One board — many spaces

When all subtasks are ready, the parent task moves to the last column of the summary board

Reports and charts
Kaiten provides various charts and reports for deep analysis
of your workflows
Cumulative flow diagram
This chart also known as “workflow pulse”. The chart shows you how many cards you have on each stage of you process.
Control chart
Control (run) chart gives information about how many cards concentrated in a target SLA (lead time).
Cycle time
The chart provides an information about the time tasks spend on each workflow stage. You can see each column visited by card and understand how many time it took.
Spectral chart
On the chart you can find number of days on the horizontal axis and amount of cards completed for that number of days on the vertical one.